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Telemark Markers deepest locating range attainable!
 The following utility
industry menus or brochures show our innovative product line for each marker locator category.  Click for information on each product line. Products are not limited to the ones pictured. 

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   Locate Service tees

   EFV Locators

   Locate Taps

   Locate Plastic Pipe

   Locate Hand Holes

   Locate Vaults

   Locate Boxes

Rycom Marker

   Locate Gas Lines


   Locate Duct

   Locate Open

   Locate Pinch Points

   Locate Damaged

   Locate Faulty Duct

   Locate Duct Paths

   Locate Duct

   Locate Severe

   Locate Dirt &
   Rubble in Duct

   Locate Faulty


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Gas Surface Tracker

Marker Locator Tape

ETTM 7000
Application Info.

Gas pipe locator
2 ft. Range

Gas - marker locator tape
Every 20 ft. Marker Locators
 attached to Warning Tape

Gas - EFV locators, locate service tees and taps
5 ft. Range


DiskMark 3000

Box Marker

Gas - pipe locator
10 ft. Range

Gas - locate plastic pipe
10 ft. Range

Gas - locate hand holes, vaults and boxes
5 ft. Range

Product Specifications - Telemark Solutions Gas Extra Information Sheets:

1.)  Tracer Wire Problems

2.)  Wireless Plastic Pipe Locating - Markers with Warning Tape

3.)  Service Wire Organizer (SWO-2000)

4.)  Application Information for Telemark ETTM 7000 STD


Telemark Solutions™ Inc., provides electronic marker locator products for the utility industry.  The telecommunications industry products are:  ClosureGard™, Fiber Optic Tape, FTTP SWDO, DuckMark™, DiskMark™ and Telemark™ Box marker.  The power industry products are: SpliceGard™, DuckMark™, DiskMark™ and Telemark™ Box Marker.  For the water utility industry we have these products:  Water Surface Tracker, Marker Locator Tape, DiskMark™ and Telemark™ Vault Marker.  The waste water industry products are: DuckMark™, Electronic Service Wye and DiskMark™.  For the gas utility industry these products are available:  Gas Surface Tracker, Marker Locator Tape and DiskMark™.  Other products that we have that are associated with the construction industry are: Trenchless Max-Bore™, Duct-Proofing-Beacon and Model MLX EMS Locator (marker locator).

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